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About Us:

Welcome to Sammy's Sensory Store! We offer a wide range of mail-to-order gift boxes for all occasions, including sensory and fidget toys, imaginative play items, and feel-good apparel. Our products are designed to provide comfort and joy to people of all ages. Browse our selection today and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!

Our Sensory Adventure Oasis

Sammy's Sensory Stuff & Adventure Oasis is a place to experience the adventure of a lifetime! Our activities are designed to follow four compass points: Imaginative Creativity, Agility, Sensory Exploration, and Problem Solving. Also if you're looking to build some teamwork skills, we've got you covered with our team building nights. So what are you for? Come join us and let's some fun!

What Inspired all the Fun

Sammy's Sensory Stuff & Adventure Oasis and Developing Connections Inc. (speech and occupational therapy clinic was founded by a mom and dad who wanted to create a safe and enjoyable environment for their daughter, who has autism. With her help, we have been able to create a range of quality products and activities that help to stimulate and engage both the body and the mind. We invite you to visit Sammy's sensory learning facility to join us in our mission to provide an enriching and rewarding learning experience.



The Star of The Show! 


Sammy loves golf cart rides, playing with her iPad and loves her Winnie the Pooh and Piglet dolls. Sammy also enjoys going up north and staying at her camper where she gets to go on the trails with her golf cart.

At our facility, you may see her touches our Tidal Springs Sensory Oasis at Sammy's Sensory Stuff & Learning Tools


(Mom and  Sensory Architect For Sammy's Sensory Stuff)


(Dad and Sammy's Best Friend)

Sammys Sensory Stuff and Learning Tools is a family owned business that was inspired by our experience in Developing Connections, a special needs speech and occupational therapy clinic. 

At Sammys, we believe in the power of play! Our products are designed to engage children of all abilities in a playful and educational way. Every activity is thoughtfully crafted to stimulate the senses, engage the mind, and encourage learning. We offer a wide variety of products and activities to help your child explore, discover, and grow.

Thank you Samantha for just being you and putting all your trust in Mom and Dad. We love ya.

Seldom is life perfect, and ours has been shaped by Samantha’s disability. She is, and always will be, my little girl. She has a life that is defined by the love she gives and receives. And the best that we can do is help her experience the world that lies outside the veil of autism.

Sammy is the light of my life, and I am so lucky to have her as my daughter and best friend.

What The Parents Say

"My Child Loves The Sensory Fidget Toys She Received From Sammy's Sensory Store, She Wont Put Them Down!

- Johana's mom

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